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5 Reasons why Moms are using CBD

By April 19, 2021Uncategorized

5 Reasons why Moms are using CBD

#5 Might Surprise You


Being a good mom comes naturally to most women. But who wants to be “good” when you can be “great”? 
Discover 5 reasons why moms are using CBD on a daily basis to fully enjoy motherhood and get the “Mommy Seal of Approval” by their happy children.
The Fantasy
Many women dream of the day they become a mother. They imagine perfect children, a perfectly safe environment where no one falls and gets hurt, where everybody gets great sleep and the whole family feels well all year round.
That fantasy only lasts about 2 minutes once you actually become a mother.
The Reality
Although being a perfect mom is a noble goal, it’s not always practical. Especially with demanding schedules, interrupted sleep, injuries, illness, and behavioral challenges are thrown in the mix. Oh, and let’s not forget the need to juggle parenting, work-life and personal relationships for the icing on the cake!
It’s no wonder that terms like “wine o’clock” and “mommy’s little helper” become the “go-to” by moms trying desperately to find a way to cope.
Does that mean that women are not able to naturally manage the stress of motherhood and find a way to be great at parenting? Absolutely not. 
Finding the Right Support
However, there may be a better, and more natural way to manage the many challenges motherhood brings. The right support can help women become the kind of mom they always dreamed of being. 
Scroll on to learn easy ways and effective products that can take you one step closer to finding balance in the wonderful journey of motherhood. 
Wanna know the best part? They are all practical, natural, non-intoxicating, and non-addictive products.
A Friendly Reminder
Remembering the reason why you decided to become a mom in the first place is a great way to keep yourself mentally grounded. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of parenting and forget how wonderful raising little human beings can be. Especially when those little humans absolutely adore you and already think you’re the best mommy in the world!
First, let’s go over 5 common challenges many moms face that can zap the happiness out of any day. 
  • Lack of quality sleep
  • Being on heightened alert
  • Aches & Pains
  • Racing thoughts
  • Lack of intimacy with your partner
Supporting Your Challenges


1. Lack of Quality Sleep

Most moms aren’t getting nearly enough sleep at night. And the term “quality sleep” brings on faint memories of a “pre-mommy” life when you were able to get up when you were tired of laying in bed. (Sigh) The good ole’ days.

Now it has become quite common for moms to suffer from brain fog due to lack of sleep.
Which mom are you?
  • New mom – Getting only 1-3 hrs of sleep at night
  • Toddler mom – Gets interrupted several times at night by a toddler who hasn’t mastered sleeping through the night.
  • Traumatized mom – Sleeps with one eye open waiting for their child’s next night terror/nightmare episode.
  • Sleep challenged mom – Has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night.
  • Self Sabotaging mom – Stays up way after putting the kids to sleep to spend some quiet time alone or get extra chores done. 

Whichever sleep category you fall into, it all adds up to the same result, which is parenting while sleep deprived. This is never a good thing. It can make you feel impatient and just plain cranky when dealing with your children.

A natural and safe product that moms of all ages are turning to is Organic CBD Oil for Women. By simply taking a dropper full of CBD oil right before getting in bed, mothers are finding that they are getting better quality sleep, even if it may be interrupted. When it comes to sleep, quality over quantity really does matter. When you sleep well, you feel well and you’re able to be a more patient, happy mom.


2. Being on Heightened Alert

As a mom, it’s not unusual to be on heightened alert throughout the day. It’s your job to keep your children safe and well. It’s a 24/7 responsibility that doesn’t come with any breaks or days off. This type of hyper-vigilance can be exhausting.

With this level of responsibility on your plate, it’s no wonder why any mom would end up on edge with their kids. This can result in snappy responses and the need to use loud voices to get your message across. (Don’t worry mom, you’re not the only one who raises their voice every now and then.)

Believe it or not, the same Organic CBD Oil that moms are using for sleep is the same exact product used for mood support! CBD is helping mothers calm their nerves by offering much-needed mood support for the everyday stress of motherhood. By taking one dropper full of CBD right before they start their busy day, mothers are finding it much easier to manage the minute-to-minute stressors of the day. 

When you feel mentally calm, you’re able to actually speak in a loving tone to your children instead of using your “mommy voice” every other sentence.


3. Aches and Pains

Someone should warn you that when you become a mom you lift more weight than you ever did before in your life. I mean, properly training to be an Olympic weight lifter should be a pre-requisite for motherhood, just saying. 

There’s nothing sweeter than carrying around your little newborn baby, so precious and tiny for what seems like five whole minutes. Then that tiny baby starts to grow and gain weight… fast! Before you know it, you’re lugging around a twenty-pound baby that feels as heavy as the turkey you prepared for the holiday dinner last year and your arms begin to feel sore. Then your neck starts to ache and your back starts to feel pain in places you never felt pain before. Oh, the joy of motherhood!
When a woman is in constant pain, you better believe her level of tolerance is on the low end. Anything someone says or does has the potential to set her off like a firecracker with a short fuse on the 4th of July. Sound familiar?
Enter Organic CBD Oil. Surprised? Most women are! Could it be that once again the same Oil that’s used for sleep support and mood support can help manage daily aches and pains? Absolutely! And it gets better! There are also Organic CBD Topicals that are highly effective and safe to use right at the point of discomfort. Simply rub a small amount of CBD Cream or Organic CBD Salve right into the place where you feel pain for recovery and relief. Most moms report feeling relief in as little as 15 minutes or less.


4. Racing Thoughts

They say the things you worry about most will likely never happen. Try explaining that to someone stuck in “mommy worry mode” where each negative thought leads to another negative thought which can send even the strongest woman into an emotional downward spiral. I know. I’ve been there and it’s not pretty. But it is common. 
I tried looking up percentages of moms that “worry too much” but I came up empty. Instead, I found endless articles about what moms can do to cope with worrying feelings, which implies that all moms worry to some degree.
Needless worry is a sure way to steal the joy out of everyday moments as a mom. Instead of enjoying every breathtaking experience as a mom, you might find yourself gasping for breath if you find yourself in a stressed-out state of mind. 
Don’t worry, there is hope in a little glass bottle called, you guessed it, Organic CBD Oil for Women. Once again this powerful plant extract comes to the rescue for women in need of mood support to calm their racing minds. It can offer moms a much-needed mental break. And with quality products like Level Up Organics that contain 100% Organic ingredients, it’s finally something you don’t need to worry about!


5. Lack of Intimacy with Your Partner

If there’s any advice I can give to couples before they make the decision to become parents, it would be to spend as much alone time as they possibly can with each other. I would also encourage them to have lots and lots of mind-blowing… intimate moments. (C’mon this is a “mom blog” not a page out of COSMOPOLITAN Magazine!)

But in all seriousness, nothing drives a bigger physical wedge between a couple than a child. Kids have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing the exact moment to wake up from a nap or dash into your room at the exact moment when you’re giving your partner “that look”! It never fails! Pile that on top of all the other things on today’s list and it’s no wonder that most couples complain that they either don’t get enough physical intimacy after having kids. Some complain that when they do have the rare opportunity to be alone, oftentimes they’re simply too tired or not in the right state of mind. 
When couples lack physical intimacy, it eventually starts to take a toll on the relationship. Truth is, raising kids is a team sport and when both parents are on the same page it really raises the level of enjoyment when it comes to parenting. 
So can CBD help improve intimacy with your partner you ask? Well, it definitely can’t stand guard at your bedroom door, but if you’re looking for some mood support to lighten your mental load and bring yourself into a more light and relaxed state of mind to get you in “the mood” then the answer is a loud and excited, “YES!” The truth is when you’re mind is in the right place, there’s nothing that can come between two people who truly love each other. (Except maybe a crying baby… sigh.)

Unconditional Love & a Side of CBD

Fully enjoying motherhood and being great at it is absolutely possible. And even though it feels like signing up for motherhood is more like signing up for sleep deprivation, being on heightened alert, aches and pains, racing thoughts, and less intimate moments with your partner, the truth is, it kinda is… But when you look into your child’s eyes and you feel the unconditional love that they offer so freely, it makes it all worth it. Thankfully with the right support, you really can enjoy motherhood and everything that comes along with it. 

Although we as women tend to overthink and complicate things, there’s really nothing more important than the love and bond we share with our children. And for everything else, there’s Organic CBD for Women.

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